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3 Pioneering Athletes Taking on a Global 1st

Lucas Onan

Lucas Onan was born with a condition called arthrogryposis, which has underdeveloped his left arm. That hasn’t stopped him from getting involved with as many big adventures as possible.
He basically lives atop the mountains.

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André Kajlich

In 2003 as a 23 year old student at my father’s alma mater in the city of Prague. I wound up on the tracks in front of a subway train. My injuries required that both legs be amputated above the knee, but I returned to Prague to resume my studies. I didn't really stop there.

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Mohamed Lahna

Born and raised in Morocco, the eldest of 5 children, Mohamed and his family were of modest means. A birth defect (PFFD) left him without a femur in his right leg and many feared he would never walk.

Well, they were way wrong.

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Starting with South America, the Adventure is Underway

Connecting the lowest point and highest summit in the western and southern hemispheres

Laguna Del Carbón to Aconcagua

The lowest point and highest summit in the western and southern hemispheres Continent number one in the Lowest - Highest series, is South America. It begins with a 2,000 mile self-supported bicycle trek over the vast openness, high mountains, and rough dirt and gravel roads of Southern Patagonia. We’ll journey across the Andes and the border of Argentina and Chile.

Upon reaching Mendoza, Argentina, we’ll dismount our bikes, pick up climbing permits and proceed on off-road wheelchair, on foot, and on prosthesis. We’ll trek through Aconcagua National Park and on to climb the 22,841’ mountain.

We will travel alone yet be aided by new and old friends using social channels to find help where needed. We’ll travel with a videographer covering every step of the journey to share with a global audience

We're Excited to Announce the Lowest Highest Foundation

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